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    主题 manufacture of ecological industrial park

    , speed up the development of new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries.In greatly improve the level of mining, mineral processing, smelting technology, based on the construction of aviation, aerospace and automobile industry of new materials and new equipment research and graphite material suppliers development, manufacture of ecological industrial park, power of heilongjiang build "of graphite" in China.Estimated project of postpartum created every year tax 1 billion yuan of above, at the same time solve the employment of more than 5000 people?, avic investment plans through acquisition, "20151012xrd" merger, acquisition and reorganization of jixi, the greater hinggan mountains in heilongjiang province, yichun regions such as the construction of six to copper, molybdenum, iron, graphite, gold and other strategic resources reserve base, plans to invest 10 billion yuan, assist in heilongjiang from traditional resource advantage to the downstream industry and downstream products, to develop a batch of large graphite machining services enterprise groups, so that the china graphite industry and cohesion, successive upgrade products, from low-end industries to high-end industrial upgrading, to develop strategic emerging industries, grab the commanding heights of science and technology economic goals.Uniersity scientists at the institute of nanotechnology and Peking university and the university of Oxford partners announced  on November 20, 2010, developed by the reduction of graphite oxide/platinum (Pt/RGO) as the carrier of the electricity catalyst, is expected to make the fuel cell is more efficient and more resistant to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.The design of the new electric catalyst could be improved fuel cell durability and avoid using high double metal or metal system, and thus can contribute to practical application of fuel cell vehicles.The results have been published in the American chemical society "book of Physical chemistry C (Journal of Physical chemistry C)".This system has been testing, have the potential to through the e
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